O2 Ditch European Roaming Charges

23rd May 2017 | Reading Time: 2 minute read

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

From 15th June O2 customers will be able to use their UK minutes, text and data allowance, whilst roaming across 47 destinations in the Europe Zone.

The changes coincide with the abolishment of European roaming charges by the European Union on the 15th June.

O2 European roaming was previously covered by the O2 Travel option, at £1.66 per day. This will be replaced from the 15th June. O2 customers can now use their UK allowance when roaming in Europe, at no extra cost.

The introduction of these regulations will improve businesses ability to communicate effectively whilst abroad, whilst keeping costs to a minimum.  Many O2 customers will no longer see roaming charges on their bill. This encourages flexible working without the worry of dreaded bill shock.

Data usage

O2 customers are entitled to the same data allowance in the Europe Zone as when they left the UK. If their data allowance runs out whilst abroad, a bolt-on can be applied. Users will be notified once they reach 80% and 100% of their allowance.

Countries Covered in O2’s European Zone

O2 European Zone Roaming Countires

How long will it last…

It remains unclear if O2 will be allowed to reintroduce roaming fees from 2019, post Brexit. O2 said it will be ‘engaging’ with the government and Ofcom to discuss post-Brexit plans.

Travelling outside Europe?

Any countries outside of the allocated O2 Europe Roaming Zone will still be charged at the normal rate. We recommend ensuring the Rest of World Pass is applied.

These changes apply to existing O2 Business voice plans. The new regulations exclude international calls from the UK to Europe Zone countries, premium rate numbers, directory services or non-geographic numbers.


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Happy roaming!