Blackstar Lunch Club at Asado

26th March 2018 | Reading Time: 3 minute read

Head of Marketing

Crayons. BBQ. Dachshunds.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

What is Blackstar Lunch Club?

It is a monthly get together for the team at Blackstar to discover and support local independent Bristol restaurants.

We run our lunch club in association with Wriggle, (a client of ours) that “help you discover the best local food & drink establishments, with the helping hand of exclusive savings”. Read about our first trip to Chilli Daddy here.

Each month a different team member chooses a Bristol restaurant from the Wriggle list of choices. This month it was the turn of Mark, our Head of Engineering, who chose the much talked about Asado.

Asado brings a different take on the burger by cooking over food fired grills using south American and British flavours. Asado first came to our attention after following Bristol’s Burger Queen Natalie Brereton on Instagram (top tip: don’t look at her photos on an empty stomach).

Asado meaning barbecue in Spanish is a word treasured by a lot of us in the office. What could go wrong… in brief…nothing!

Asado | Blackstar Lunch Club

What we thought

Firstly, what a deal from Wriggle, for £10 we could choose any of the burgers on the menu, including a side and drink.

The popular choice amongst the team was the El Don – an oak grilled dry aged organic beef patty, West Country cheddar cheese, chipotle and habanero spicy sauce, garlic mayo, natural ketchup, lettuce and tomato in a seeded challah bun – a mouth full! Others opted for the Asado Burger and Pollo Libre (see image).

Asado | Blackstar Lunch Club

Rosemary salt chips were the side of choice washed down with half a Frontier lager.

Silence filled the room as the burgers landed on the table and we started tucking into the meaty goodness presented before us.

The Pollo Libre I chose was succulent and tender with a solid helping of guacamole to accompany the crispy coating that surrounded the buttermilk chicken.

Having previously visited Asado and choosing the El Don I knew exactly what the others were going through. Chewing on a pink and juicy beef patty with the just the right amount of sauce to not over power the smoky flavour from the grill.

Asado | Blackstar Lunch Club

Three Brothers is a firm favourite for us and is always the high water mark we judge burgers by in Bristol. We couldn’t help but make comparisons to the Bristol burger institution. Where Asado excels is their cheese, sauce the burger patty that kisses the flames to give a wonderful smoky edge to the patty.

The experience at Asado was top notch, the service was superb and friendly and the décor made for a relaxed environment for colleagues, friends and even our office dog Ziggy to enjoy the meal.

We’ll certainly be back for more one day.

Blackstars out of 5

Get a Wriggle on

If you don’t have Wriggle download it from the App Store or Google Play. Support local, discover good food/drinks and save.