Blackstar Lunch Club at Chilli Daddy

16th February 2018 | Reading Time: 3 minute read

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Crayons. BBQ. Dachshunds.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

What is Blackstar Lunch Club?

It’s a monthly meet up for the team at Blackstar to discover and support local independent Bristol restaurants.

We run our lunch club in association with Wriggle, (one of our clients). They “help you discover the best local food & drink establishments, with the helping hand of exclusive savings”

Each month a different team member chooses a Bristol restaurant from the Wriggle list of choices. As it was our inaugural lunch club the pressure was on to choose a place that didn’t disappoint, step up Chilli Daddy.

Chilli Daddy is the first Szechuan street food stall in the UK, born in Bristol in 2011. Their mission is to serve authentic Szechuan street food from recipes passed down from family members.

Chilli Daddy | Blackstar Lunch Club

What we thought

The restaurant on Baldwin Street gives you the feeling of being in a someones dining room. The open kitchen, with steaming pots and frying pans allows you to peek behind the curtain, providing an original take on street food, in a restaurant setting.

Chilli Day is a place of beautiful chaos, the chefs rush to ensure a quick turnaround, waiters glide from table to table making sure everyone enjoyed their experience, whilst a queue forms.

The smells that came wafting across our table leaving our mouths watering, as we waited anxiously for our food to arrive.

Chilli Daddy | Blackstar Lunch Club

The deal of the day on Wriggle was the Pork Saozi noodle hotpot down to £4.95, normally £6.50, was huge. When commenting on the portion size Chloe responded ‘Gurt large”. That isn’t an exaggeration. The choice of heat ranged from 1 to 5 and only one brave soul, Mark, dared level 5 (tissues were required). We also added some pork ribs that fell off the bone and came poached in a spicy broth.

The flavour was immense, their signature mix of spices and toppings that included spring onion, lettuce, coriander and peanuts took the dish to another level.

Chilli Daddy | Blackstar Lunch Club

The staff were very hospitable went out of their way to ensure we were always attended to and brought us some extra food to try whilst we waited for our main course. Scores of people piled through the doors, a sign of a good place.

If there was one downside to the experience it was the drinks, we certainly would’ve preferred a cold Tsingtao to the diet Coke on offer. We did try the cold soya milk which was a treat.

We certainly enjoyed ourselves and would recommend trying Chilli Daddy, you may just go back for more and more.

Blackstars out of 5

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