5 Key Metrics Every Contact Centre Manager Should Know

It's amazing what business insights the right metrics can provide to you and your team. But it's not just about the numbers when it comes to getting the most ROI out of your contact centre system. It takes the right combination of data and enough flexibility to gain business intelligence from the activity within your contact centre. 

Upcoming Webinar

12 September 2019 - 2 PM

Our Speakers

Main Speaker: Peter Hornberger

VP of Product at Brightmetrics

Peter has a wealth of knowledge in the Brightmetrics product set and has helped shape the new Radiance UI. He will demonstrate how to turn your call centre data analytics into powerful insights that immediately increase your ability to improve your customer experience.

Host: Steve Henson

Accounts Lead at Blackstar Solutions

Steve has been delivering ShoreTel (now Mitel) solutions for over ten years. He understands how important call analytics is to interpret key metrics within call centres. Steve will be introducing the webinar and will be taking any post-webinar enquiries.

In This Webinar You'll Get to...

Minimise poor call routing that continually diminishes customer satisfaction by understanding why calls are abandoned.

Interpret Abandoned Rate Data

Study specific points of data around transfer rates and agent call handle times. 

Learn to Maximise First Call Resolution

Understand the metrics to adjust the number of agents available to handle specific call volume.

Understand your Call Distribution

Ask Questions.

The webinar is interactive and you're encouraged to put your questions to Peter and Elliot. 

Upcoming Webinar

12 September 2019 - 3 PM PST

About Blackstar Solutions

Blackstar Solutions are an authorised Brightmetrics partner, supplying, implementing and supporting the entire range of ShoreTel call analytics software solutions. We’re based in Bristol and cover the South West of England and South Wales. 

Contact us for a quote or book a demo on 0333 123 2 123, alternatively email us on enhance@blackstarsolutions.co.uk 

Client Testimonials 

Jon Payne | Director at Noisy Little Monkey

"The difference between Blackstar and other providers is that Blackstar seem to actually give a *!£# about their clients."

James Taplin | IT Operations Manager at Magna Housing

"The reason we chose Blackstar was because of their customer service."