With an ever changing demand for todays flexible business applications finding the right connectivity solution for your business is key to allow realisation of the technology investment you have made. Whether you are looking to set-up a new office, relocate or simply due to business expansion core connectivity is essential to your business success. Whether its enhancing your UC system with SIP or ISDN, providing greater bandwidth with upgraded Internet Access, connecting offices via a managed WAN (MPLS), finding the right Business Mobile package or enhancing your customers experience with Inbound Services (NGN) Blackstar Solutions have you covered.


SIP Trunking provides a highly-flexible alternative to PSTN and ISDN Connectivity and is now a mature technology. At Blackstar Solutions we only provide SIP Trunking that is secure, robust and resilient and we can integrate this seamlessly into your telephony and data infrastructure.

SIP Connectivity provides a cost saving on a per-channel basis and more flexible in terms of the quantity and type of numbers you are able to utilise. In addition, it is quicker to install and offers a robust business continuity service that ensures your business never loses any calls.

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Fixed Line

Traditional Fixed Line Communications remain a fundamental service for many UK businesses. Your business requires the ability to receive inbound calls and make outbound calls without any interruption to service.

At Blackstar we provide high quality, business grade fixed Line services tailored for your business. We provide choice between analogue, ISDN2 and ISDN30 lines with customers only paying for the services they use.

At Blackstar we can help provide or even reduce your traditional fixed line estate and also support your business in its transition from a legacy technology to a flexible SIP environment.

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Blackstar work with all major networks (O2, Vodafone and EE) and we are well placed to offer you a tariff to suit your business requirements. The mobile environment is now more diverse and competitive than ever and at Blackstar we work closely with your business to fully understand your needs to ensure that we are a partner you can fully trust.

At Blackstar we design our solutions with our customers ensuring flexibility and choice while allowing the retention of control. The right solution is one that enables effective working and cost efficiency with a partner who remains accountable from beginning to end.

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With increasing business demands accelerating the need to converge voice, data and video onto a unified network, businesses will need to evolve their strategies in order to support employees in accessing new technologies in an efficient and secure way.

At Blackstar we provide Business Grade connectivity options that give you the speed, capacity, flexibility and control that is required to support your business. We provide an option of Internet access technologies to meet and exceed your businesses demand. These solutions include ADSL, FTTC, EoFTTC, EFM and Ethernet with speeds ranging from 2Mb to 1Gbps.

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Your WAN (Wide Area Network) should enable you to work across office locations to create the best distribution of teams, resources and IT.

MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) and VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) solutions deliver resilient, secure, any-to-any multipoint connections across any type of transport medium using any protocol. They support a wide range of access technologies such as voice, data, video, internet and hosted services and give ability to control how traffic is routed on the network, manage capacity, prioritise services and prevent congestion. Our MPLS-based services offer secure, highly resilient connectivity between multiple business sites and enable provisioning of centralised services.

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Are you looking to handle growing call volumes, maximise your continuity of service, deliver a Non Geographic or Geographic Numbering strategy all at a lower cost?  At Blackstar we offer Inbound Solutions that are competitively priced based on a scalable solution that ensures the very highest call quality thanks to the in-built resilience and reliability of our carrier Next Generation Network.

Our Inbound platform is packed with features to help your business manage incoming calls, providing greater business efficiency, resilience, flexibility and better customer service. From simple call routing through to comprehensive call centre services and management tools.

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