COVID-19 Statement

17th March 2020 | Reading Time: 1 minute read

Head of Operations

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Reading Time: 1 minute

Below is an update on our plans in relation to Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the preparations within Blackstar Solutions.

We are currently monitoring the situation and with its fast-moving nature, we will continue to provide updates if necessary.

  • We have aligned our activities as per the guidelines issued by the UK Government.
  • Communications to staff on hygiene have been increased to help prevent the spread of the virus in line with UK Government recommendations. This includes increasing awareness through online communication and visual aids throughout our offices
  • Business Continuity plans are in place, and our flexible working policies mean all our staff are ready to work from home if needed.
  • Our main priority is to maintain the high level of service but needless to say we will experience some challenges like everyone else and have recently seen an increase in support requests.
  • We are currently working hard to ensure all clients who require a remote work solution are having this facilitated as a matter of urgency and will take priority over low priority support requests.
  • We will review our policy on travel and face to face meetings over the coming days.

We will update this post if the situation changes.

UPDATE: We’ve advised all staff to move meetings from face-to-face to video meetings.

UPDATED: 17 March